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Craft a cup of wellness with Java Elixir.

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About Java Elixir

We love coffee.

We also believe in the importance of health and wellness. At first glance, coffee and health may seem like an odd combination but in our minds, they come together to form the perfect marriage with Java Elixir. Think about it: what better way to improve your physical and mental well being than by fortifying a cup of coffee that’s already an integral, enjoyable part of your daily ritual?

Java Elixirs are power enhancers that do not change the taste of your favourite drink. They're an easy way to boost your body's performance.


flavorless in Coffee

Flavorless in Coffee

health canada

Health Canada Approved


Herbal Based Formulas


Made with Organic Ingredients

no sugars

No Added Sugars or Fillers


Mixes Seamlessly

warm coffee

Heat Stable

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Easy to Use


Produced in a GMP facility




Traditional liver and kidney detoxification formula used to refresh the body and reboot your system one sip at a time.



Designed to support and enhance your immune system. Fight off colds and boost your body with your daily brew.

Focus +


Helps support cognitive function and reduce mental fatigue in cases of mental stress.

How it Works

Brew Coffee

Brew Coffee

Brew or buy your coffee as you normally would.

Add Java

Add Java Elixir

Add a spoonful of each of your favourite Java Elixir to your coffee.



Stir in any milk, cream, sweetener, or leave it black.



Your cup of wellness is ready. Enjoy!


We recognize that it takes more than a simple combination of ingredients to create an Elixir. Your contributions will help us enhance our backers' and your journey towards a better life. With your support, we will carry out our first official production run and expand our line of Elixirs.

As a team, we invite you to sign up and be a part of an exclusive group of people who get to influence our upcoming products and come with us on our journey as we take the next steps towards changing the way the world consumes coffee.

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Loved by our Fans

"As a law student, and athlete, there has never been a time where society demands so much from us. Career, school, or family, we all have those demands placed on us, and any significant boost in cognitive performance and clarity matters. Every second, minute, hour, and day, Java Elixir blend delivers the natural boost that helps me excel. The elixir is the competitive advantage that will help you outshine, outwork, and outperform the rest, I guarantee it.

John L. - Calgary, Alberta

“I have been experimenting with Focus+ over the last 8 months and I can say without a doubt that the effects are clear. I notice that my decision making abilities are faster and my ability to concentrate has improved with Focus+. Though I must admit that I was skeptical of adding these elixirs to my morning coffee at first, I now look forward to waking up and enjoying Java Elixir.”

Bruce M. - St. Albert, Alberta

"Being a University Student and a Barista, I enjoy many cups of coffee a day. When I first heard about Java Elixir, I fell in love immediately. This is exactly what I have been waiting for! I really appreciate the fact that it's tasteless and very easy to use. I've only been taking my Focus+, but I'd like to try the Immunity as well. I can't wait for your new line of products!"

Stacey L - Seoul, Korea

"Working in a hospital, I am usually always on the go, so it goes great with my morning coffee. It's so quick and convenient, and I absolutely love the fact that it's completely tasteless. I'm excited for the new line of Elixirs that are about to come out, I'm definitely sold."

Mike Y - London, Ontario

“Easy way to get a quick, clean boost of energy. Best in plain black coffee.”

Ben G. - Toronto, Ontario

“I’m the sort of person who always thinks they can taste something in their food or drink if I know something has been added, and I totally and 100% can not tell when I’ve added any of the formulas to coffee. .... my one and only complaint is that I normally don’t drink coffee on a daily basis so I don’t get to use the blends as often as I’d like – and that’s no one’s fault but my own!”

Suzi Fevens, - Nova Scotia

“In today's world, fast and simple is best. Java Elixir has driven past today's standards for higher quality, pure products that work. I've been using the complete line for over 6 months, and have recommended it to friends and family. Simple, doesn't affect the taste of any drink, and its quick and efficient.”

Nicolas M. - Edmonton, Alberta

"Java Elixir is quick and easy to use. It is unrecognizable in your coffee and makes you feel better about having a second cup."

Jillian T. - Victoria, British Columbia
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